Sunday, January 27, 2013

January Resolutions Update

January has been an adjustment!

I started classes again, and started my resolution of hitting the gym/working out every day. I'm happy to report I've upheld my plan and gone every single day! While I've enjoyed my time, I don't know that it's something I want to continue as a permanent thing. Translation = I hate going to the gym every day.

The gym has become a habit now - and for that, I'm grateful. Exercising daily is so important, especially as you get older and your metabolism gets slower. But there is such a thing as overdoing it, and this month I've missed out on a few fun events because of my gym schedule. I've fought through exhaustion to go spend an hour on the elliptical, only to become more exhausted.

While going daily may work for some people, I think I'm a 4-5 times a week-er. The whole point of doing this type of monthly resolution is to help me form better habits -- and I can happily say that this has become a great new habit.

Up next for February, no alcohol for the whole month. I'm having mixed emotions about the difficulty of this one. Part of me thinks it'll be no problem, as I don't drink that often anyway. But I think I'm forgetting how often I meet up with girlfriends for happy hour. Wish me luck!


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